Stevia: A Review

Disclaimer:  I’m an idiot with a garden, not an expert.  I try stuff that may be hazardous to your health and may not make sense in your context.  I am simply sharing my experience for you to consider and do you what you want with.   This plant is awesome.  I discovered it at my […]

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Grass-Fed Beef

Disclaimer:  I’m not a nutritionist or expert.  I’m just an idiot sharing what I’ve done.  Do what you want with this information. Recently, I watched the movie Food, Inc.  This wasn’t my first time watching it; I watch it every year.  Yet, everytime I see it, I am reminded of how broken the North American […]

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ATTN: is annoying.  I say this because they took a shot at Crossfit, but they do make a good point.  You can accomplish a lot with a pull-bar and some running shoes.  Fitness doesn’t have to cost money.  Tune in today to hear what the idiots think about this video and topic. Also, shout out […]

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Prepping the Coffee

Coffee is an important part of our morning ritual.  Every morning, my wife and I are woken up by the sun, a son, or the dog well before the alarm goes off.  We don’t have one of those fancy timer coffee makers.  This means, of course, one of us has to get up and activate […]

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Suicide Sucks

I’ve been a teacher for almost six years, including my time as a long-term substitute teacher.  I have come in contact with over 1000 children during that time.  On average, 1 dies per year, sometimes more and sometimes less.  It always sucks.  Every. Damn.  Time.  These are little people that matter.  And they’re gone.  Twice […]

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Giving it My Full Focus

Awhile back I learned about Michael Hyatt from some friends.  He’s a CEO turned life coach.  His background is in the publishing industry, but something changed and now he podcasts, blogs, and coaches people on improving their lives.  So far, I’ve really enjoyed his stuff.  It’s encouraged me to rethink some basic assumptions about my […]

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Listen Up, Youngsters

So I’m sitting here enjoying a nice vegetable frittata.  It’s cheap, delicious, and I guess nutritious.  While I’m eating, I’m looking at seeds for my fall garden.  NE Seeds is my new favorite provider.  I can pick up a 1/4 pound of seeds for the same price as a much smaller packet from other sites.  […]

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Oatmeal: It’s good for you.

So my wife and I are trying to get better at the whole budgeting thing.  We’ve had a decent idea of what to do for several years, but haven’t made much progress towards paying off debts or saving much.   This came to a head recently when my wife agreed to stay home, instead of paying […]

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So it’s been a little bit since I’ve written.  Of course, life got busy.  Now I’m back in the swing of work; I can finally find some time to work on the site.  Time is always short it seems.  That’s one reason I’ve really started to Audible.  It’s been a great tool to help me […]

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